Amber Bourbon
Growing up in the shadows of New York City I couldn’t help but to dream big. When I moved to the Midwest I took my storytelling drive and finally put pen to paper, or rather fingers to the keyboard. I currently live near the Mighty Mississippi with my longtime boyfriend and our five small dogs. When I'm not writing I can be found testing new recipes or enjoying a Pilates class. 

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Dear Amazing Readers,

Its been a while, longer then I anticipated. So to make up for it I have a special treat for you. Summer Sizzle #1 Pulled Over, is here on tumblr free for all of you to read.

Happy Summer!

Amber Bourbon

Lydia was beyond thankful for the air conditioner as she drove down the highway, anxious to get to the lake. All she wanted to do was pull off her tank down, pull down her shorts and dive into the cool water.

She heard the sirens, saw the lights and immediately her stomach felt heavy as she glanced to see her speed. She hadn’t been speeding; at least she didn’t think she’d been as she pulled to the side, thankful for the cover from the forest canopy, and the air that was a good fifteen degrees cooler.

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Hope you have a wonderful and safe day!