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Available Now! The Solo Explorer

Lauren is back to working on crossing off the items off of her New Year’s Resolutions.

This time she finally decides to give her new purple vibrator a try. But is the toy the only thing making her excited?

Find out now in The Solo Explorer!

Lauren closed the app, thinking about what Matthew had texted. Did she really seem like the kind of girl that never did anything even close to sexual? Wasn’t that why she’d made the list?

She went over to her desk, trying to find it where she’d last seen it. But her desk was covered in books and papers. She was far from organized when she had big projects due. She finally saw the paper with only one item crossed out.

Here was her list. With one item accomplished. Now, months later she was starting to realize that maybe these weren’t going to be as easy as she thought they would.

She wasn’t sure if she could go and hit on a woman. Maybe she wouldn’t be able to accomplish everything on her list after all. It wasn’t warm enough to spend any time outside naked, even partially, so outdoor sex would have to wait. Besides, who was she going to have sex with? Matthew? No, that wasn’t going to happen.

She looked at the list again, and then at the bottom drawer of her desk. She could do this one thing on her list.

What was she scared of?

What made her nervous about a vibrator?

Fear of electrocution? That couldn’t happen, could it? No, that wouldn’t happen.

She was home alone; Kiki wouldn’t be back until late Sunday at the earliest. The guys in the apartment next door spent most of the weekend at work, so if she did get a little loud they probably wouldn’t hear her if she found herself enjoying it.

She was going to do it. Lauren had to do it. She’d made a resolution to do it and God damn-it; she was going to do it.

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