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Thursday 13

1)      Amber is my real name.

2)      My favorite reality program is Dancing with the Stars.

3)      I loved the tv show Betrayal that was on ABC this last fall, I wish more people had given it a chance.

4)      My favorite part of the day is when I have my first sip of coffee.

5)      Having my nails done makes me feel sexy.

6)      Speed is my favorite movie.

7)      I’m currently reading The Power Trip by Jackie Collins.

8)      My favorite thing these days are the water enhancer squirts, I love flavoring my water!

9)      My current nail polish color is red, white and blue glitter.

10)   Every day I pick a random playlist on Spotify to listen to.

11)   I have watched General Hospital every day since I was 12.

12)   My first concert was Hanson.

13)  My favorite character I’ve written is probably Shayla from Connections.

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